Canberra Scrap Metal Mobile Service
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We remove and pick up all unwanted, damaged, old cars - working or not - cars from all areas of Canberra for FREE

We specialise in quick and easy car disposal. We can assist whatever your problem may be.

What’s your problem?

Has your car malfunctioned? Do the kids have a project that’s been taking up space for years? Are you fed up with an old car blocking your driveway? We offer a salvage service for unwanted car removal for FREE. Our fast and reliable service is available in your area. Call us now and we can take your car away for free.

Vehicles that can be removed FREE of charge and given to us:

  • Abandoned & Unwanted Cars
  • Unwanted Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Derelict Vehicles
  • Smashed Cars
  • Motorbikes, Motor scooters
  • Vans, Boats or Trucks
  • Any type of vehicle that is a bother to its owner and the surroundings.

What to do if the vehicle is not in your name:

We will accept photo ID and a note granting permission for us to remove the unwanted vehicle: eg from the registered owner; from a solicitor; from a person in charge/authorised personnel; if you have a power of attorney.